A new adventure awaits!

Today I published my first game ever, for my first game jam ever, organized by GDevelop, which is also the name of the game engine they develop.

GDevelop is a free and open source game engine with zero code to write: all the magic happens in a condition–>effect event sheet, which includes basic programming components such as loops (for, for each, while, do while). The interaction/visual part is handled in the scene view (such as Unity or UE).

Once a year, GDevelop team organize a game jam on a given theme, revealed at the beginning of the jam, to see what people can produce with their engine.

This year’s theme was « Unstable« . I decided to begin my journey with GDevelop with a game genre that has proven its worth through the years: a 2D platformer.

My game is called « Journey to Unstable Grounds » to mirror both the theme and my own journey to learn GDevelop for this game jam. The game is playable directly in your browser (but not on mobile yet) and is free of charge (but any contribution is greatly appreciated!), so feel free to check it out!

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