Just after GDevelop game jam finished, a new one started, from online course publisher GameDev.tv, and as the name of the jam suggests, a free course was offered for any game submission (that was playable – to prevent abuse – even with bugs).

I was free to choose which game engine to use, so as I was just finishing a game jam with GDevelop, I decided to continue on the journey, with a new game, around the jam’s theme: Last Stand.

Immediately, I thought about Vampire Survivors, and all the game that popped around since its release. Then I thought about the words themselves, especially « stand », which could be interpreted as a kind of shop.

The game theme was found then: it would be a survivor-like game around the last shop in the world, in a zombie apocalyspe. But there, zombies would be fond of fruits and veggies, and your mission as the last hero on earth would be to save as much fruits as possibnle for The Last Stand (which is also the name of the shop).

My game is simply called « The Last Stand« . It is playable directly on your browser, and is also downloadable on Android devices, even though the game is less stable there. Feel free to check it out!

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